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Superbowl Box Pool Fundraiser 2020

Staples Lacrosse Superbowl Box Pool Fundraiser 

The Staples Lacrosse Association is hosting our 2nd Annual Super Bowl Squares fundraiser.  

Enter for a chance to win your share of $5,000

Registration will open on Janurary 22, 2020.

Here is how it works:
1. Enter now for your chance to win - purchase up to 5 boxes at once! $100/box
2. Once all 100 boxes are sold, we will randomly assign the squares for each registration, in a 10x10 grid. 
3. Numbers 0 - 9 will be randomly selected and filled in to the column or row representing the last number of the score for each team - In other words, if the score is Chief's 17 - SanFran 14, then the winning square is the one with a Chief's number of 7, and a SanFran number of 4.
4. Prior to the start of the game, all participants will receive an email containing the complete grid with numbers.
5. At the end of each quarter a winning box will be revealed based on the score! The breakdown of the prize amounts are below:

End of 1st Quarter: $750
Halftime: $1,500
End of 3rd Quarter: $750
End of Game: $2,000

*** If there is an Overtime game, the End of Game winnings will go to the box matching the score at the end of OT ***

6. Half of the total money raised ($5,000) will help cover the expense of the new helmets for the entire program!

The Staples Lacrosse Association appreciates the support and wishes you all good luck!



by posted 01/08/2020