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We want to thank the families below for their contributions to our Family Stewardship program.  The Family Stewardship helps our organization to bridge the gap between the funding high school boys lacrosse receives from the Board of Education, and the actual cost of offering a high quality, competitive program.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.  

Platinum Level

The Clark Family, Tyler 2023
The Crandall Family, Davis 2025
The DiDonato Family, Justin 2025
The Dodge Family, Henry 2022
The Eigen Family, Jack 2022, Sam 2023
The Gay Family, Carter 2023
The Gebicki Family, Andrew 2022
The Greenlee Family Alex 2024
The Howard Family, Charlie 2022, Ollie 2024
The Iannone Family, Charlie, 2024
The Roseme Family, Zachary 2023
The Rothenberg Family, Gavin 2023
The Sale Family, Derek 2022
The Schaefer Family, Mason 2022, Tristan 2025
The Thompson Family, Ryan 2022
The Udell Family, Max 2022, Adam 2025

Gold Level

The Burmeister Family, Ben 2024
The Cirasuolo Family, Ryan 2024
The Grossberg Family, Henry 2025
The Heisler Family, Will 2022
The Keefe Family, Kellen 2022, Tristan 2024
The Ment Family, Jacob 2022
The Norris Family, Preston 2023
The Scherer Family, Dixon 2023
The Skatoff Family, Arthur 2024, Leo 2025

Silver Level

The Best Family, Aidan 2022
The Fleisch Family, Max 2023
The Harizman Family, Guy 2022
The Hilton Family, Alex 2023
The Hoffman Family, Ian 2025
The Kail Family, Aaron 2023
The Kiniry Family, Aedan 2022
The Liguori Family, Alex 2022
The Marcus Family, Josh 2025
The Nealon Family, Michael 2023
The O’Loughlin Family, Andrew 2022
The Prior Family, Cameron 2025
The Sequenzia Family, Leo 2023, Finn 2025

Bronze Level

The Adipietro Family, Mark 2025

The Augeri Family, Nick 2022
The Belzer Family, Zach 2025
The Castro Family, Liam 2024
The Celotto Family, Cisco 2024
The Davis Family, Jake 2025
The DiMaio Family, Tyler 2024
The Fleming Family, Will 2025
The Gomez Family, Jacob 2024
The Herold Family, Tim 2024
The Kickham Family, RJ 2025
The Knesich Family, Jack 2025
The Levine Family, Spence 2022
The Lyons Family, Cameron 2023
The Maurillo Family, Max 2024
The Parnes Family, Aiden 2024
The Patterson Family, Wes, 2025
Th Pertrosinelli Family, Dominic 2024
The Petrosion Family, Sam 2024
The Pretty Family, James 2025
The Rybchin Family, Jacob 2025
The Smith Family, Caleb 2024
The Stoler Family, Jack 2025

Patron Level

The Bessey Family, Owen 2023
The Borowsky Family, Will 2025
The Chinitz Family, Gabe 2022
The Dornblaser Family, Jack 2024
The Kosakowski Family, Scott 2023
The Libman Family, Ben 2023
The Marson Family, Logan 2022
The Mueller Family, Jaden 2022
The Newstad Family, Levi 2025
The Noorily Family, Ryland 2023
The Sandrew Family, Shane 2025
The Shorrock Family, Eli 2022
The Stern Family, Grant 2025
The Suarez Family, Mark 2025
The Szostak Family, Eli 2025