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Please make checks payable to:
Staples Lacrosse Association, Inc.
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Mail to:
Staples Lacrosse Association, Inc.
Attn: Daniel Clark, Treasurer
16 Twin Falls Lane
Westport, CT  06880



The Wreckers Lacrosse Club Guiding Principles:



Parents that support their lacrosse players and the lacrosse Program at Staples should fully enjoy every aspect of the experience.  Perhaps more important, their hard work, dedication and financial contributions have earned us the ongoing right to self-governance. We believe that the future growth and success of the off-field Staples program depends greatly on building a “culture of inclusion” that promotes new ideas, satisfying volunteerism and fun. If we have fun, more parents will offer their ideas and assistance and players and we will all reap the benefits of “community”.

We believe in full and complete transparency. Contributors have a right to know what their money is being used for before and after it is received by the organization.  We pledge to make line item financial statements available for all parents and interested parties in a timely manner. We also pledge to make and keep public the bylaws and amendments governing the organization and provide written summaries of all meetings for public consumption.

Outside counsel will advise us to guarantee that the organization:  1) Is in full compliance with all federal and state operational requirements, 2) Consistently files all required paperwork correctly and on time, 3) Provides audited financial statements to the Athletic Director, all parents and other interested parties, 4) Undergoes annual “best practice” reviews, 5) Provides compliant documentation for all donations to donors.

An organization without term limits has no requirement and no major incentive to re-examine, change or broaden its mission, activities or services.  Because parents of current players bear the responsibility for funding the program each year, they have the most direct and captive interest in the outcome of all off-field activities undertaken for the benefit of the program. Term limits guarantee that a core leadership team of parents of current players will always be maintained.

The youth lacrosse program is the feeder program for Staples Lacrosse and the Staples Lacrosse community has a vested interest in the ongoing success of the youth program in Westport. Fundraising alone is not necessary or sufficient for the required evolution of the relationship between the youth and high school programs.