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There are two very helpful things you can configure using the CIAC site:


CIAC Alerts:  

By setting up an account, you can configure alerts to automatically come you on game changes including  time, field, etc.

To signup for the CIAC alerts please click the link below:


Signup for CIAC Account/Alert


CIAC Calendar Subscription:  

By adding a calendar subscription to your computer/iPhone/etc, you can automatically keep your calendar in synch with the current CIAC game schedule for your team.

After using the link below, make sure to use following selections:

  • Format: "Outlook/Google/Mobile Device"
  • School: "Staples"
  • Level: "Varsity" or "Junior Varsity" or "Freshman"
  • Sport/Activity: "Lacrosse (Boys)"

Once you click the "View Schedule" button below the selection options, you will be prompted to select the type of device you are configuring.

Once selected, clear instructions will be provided on how to configure your new calendar subscription.


Click here to Configure CIAC Calendar Subscription